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Angela Marie LOVES her bandmates!

AMP began in 2010 playing the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene music scene as a project. It was comprised of a suite of musicians that were welcome to put their flare on Angela Marie’s original songs. The years went on and eventually the formidable musicians that understood her mission, passion and long term goals settled in to create the current Angela Marie Project. 

‚ÄčHer current band is SOLID and sustainable.  Solid in musicianship and solid in friendship, a pairing Angela Marie treasures.

Playing solo is cool and AM is glad to do it…..but it is most fun playing with others. AM's favorite part of creating music is the experience of seeing what others bring to her songs. Further creating through collaboration.  What Kat, Chris, and Doc bring to the music is beyond what Angela Marie has dreamed.  Spicy!  Smooth!  Hot!  Cool!  Inspiring.!! The whole band digs the entire process together from rehearsals to emails between to the ultimate stage time.  Infinite gratitude to my bandmates! 

There is the initial solo cathartic writing experience of pen to paper, favorite coffee cup within reach, playing with lake in view, and being overcome with some spirit moving through with lyrics and melody. Everytime ……wondering if it is the last time. Hoping the song writer spirit will maintain regular visits.

The songs somehow come. The courage to reveal them to other musicians emerges. The greatest honor being the desire by other musicians to add their spices, their flavor to AM's simple recipe. Some make it 5*star some make it 2*star. Different tastes for different times. AM has huge healthy Midwest appetite. Bring it all on!!! That's how Angela Marie Band turned into Angela Marie Project.

What a delight to introduce you to these key players for all occasions.

The thrill of all thrills, the kick of all kicks, the touch of all touches is to have people eating and drinking the music and actually liking it!!!! Some come back for seconds!!! That is the coolest.

The inspirations. The songwriting spirits. The musicians. The audience. The listener.

***Angela Marie commands the stage, armed with an arsenal of songs that could only come from her. Songs of longing and love. Travel and discovery. Home and contentment. Drawing from her Midwest roots singing in bands since she was 13, she is a force to be reckoned with on the stage. Her smoking vocals and driving acoustic guitar create a charged energy that's contagious to her bandmates and the audience alike. Angela Marie will pull weeds; but she'd rather pull off a performance that gets the crowd on its feet...dancing, smiling, and singing away its troubles for a while. Come to any live AMP show or listen to one of their albums and that's what you're guaranteed to experience. 

**Audiences often refer to Angela Marie's energy as relentless, infectious, and athletic. This strong vitality shines through on the stage and in her recordings. 

**Angela Marie's debut album, "Seriously Lighthearted," is emotionally vulnerable and compelling. This first album is more contemplative than her sophomore album, "AMP," which brings out her rock roots and love for potent lead guitar. Both albums feature sharp lyrics about universal truths and joys in simple pleasures. It is music that diverse audiences can relate to and enjoy hearing again and again. Simple, yet powerful. 

**Angela Marie treasures her bandmates. They add their spices to Angela Marie's recipe, making the music savory. The whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts.

**AMP is well-known for giving their music and time to fundraisers. The list includes local animal rescues, environmental organizations, human rights groups, cancer research, music education for local kids, and education for girls in Nepal. You may also have seen them on the KHQ Morning program, heard them on local radio stations KPND, KYRS and KCDA, or watched them live at a number of festivals including Artfest, Hot Summer Nights at Arbor Crest, EWU, Pride Fest, Spokane Earth Day, Main Street Fair, Browne's Addition Summer Concert Series, Bloomsday, CdA Cellars Summer Concert Series, Grant Park Concerts, and a host of other festivals. 

Need to forget about life and escape from reality for a while? Come see AMP perform live or listen to one of their albums. It's guaranteed to be an upper...with no adverse side effects. 

The Angela Marie Project    

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