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   Been singing in rock bands since I was 13 years old--- music and the outdoors have been my greatest passions.  I have always been the "leadsinger" in the band, the frontperson without a guitar. For many years I have written songs with some amazing guitar players.  At age 30+10 I realize it might be a good idea to pick up the guitar and see what I can do.  Been teaching putting  my fingers in places on the guitar until I hear something I like and writing.  Thanks to beloved Steve and Audrey, Steve's spirit is always with me encouraging me (another story).  Here, one of the finest guitar players I have been blessed to play with, Lisa Starr, gives me pointers I so desperately need.  Thanks Lis! of life's greatest teachers.  Every travel, every experience becomes part of us.  This trip to Uganda, Africa to teach acupuncture was lifechanging.  This is where I felt more love than I have ever felt.  Music is a vital part of the motherland of Africa.  Here I am taking a musical break with a little friend.  We were staying in a convent (ha-me! yup, you never know where you'll end up on these adventures) and I was so badly wanting to play guitar and sing.  I kept thinking, " there has to be a guitar in a convent" and there was.  Upon my return I wrote one of the songs that means the most to me simply called Africa. I long to place my feet back on your soil.
Pride and Rockin'  

The music keeps evolving.  Is the first time I have ever had an acoustic guitar in my band..What a beautiful tool for writing songs. Little did i know when i was covering Pat Benetar and Heart in high school that i would be writing music about life experiences i could have only read about back then in those teen years.  I actually was initiated into singing in a band with a credited class called "Rock Band" in little Fall River High School.  We had to audition and we played the latest in music for school and community dances.  Probably the biggest impact on my life thanks to Mr. Mroz and Ms. Leonard.


Playing for 'causes' has become my greatest love in music.  To be able to contribute musically to nonprofits and other groups serving human rights/needs and the environment is the ultimate.  I was thrilled to have a song chosen for Idaho Wildlife Federation CD.  And i am always grateful to play for groups like The Lands Council, Sierra Club, Futurewise, Power of 5/Nepal/Ganesh Trading, Village Experience, Art for the Animals, Washington Basset Rescue, Inland Northwest GBLT Center, Odyssey Youth Center, Unity in Community, Conservation Northwest, Double J Dog Ranch are among many.  We can all give and serve in our own way.

  In my case, this is true and i believe for a lot of us this is true.  The countless hours that i poured over album covers, liner notes.  I can remember dancing in front of the mirror at about age 8 singing at top of my lungs to my favorite records over and over...the audience in front of me nothing less than stadium size.  The coolest thing? My parents never asked me to turn it down.  They have been my biggest fans.  First album purchased? Dream On by Aerosmith...i believe i was in 2nd or 3rd grade.  I can remember so many songs on the bus radio in kindergarten---Your Momma Don't Dance and You Daddy Don't Rock n Roll (the Loggins and Messina version). 
Rock is my root of all roots in music.

The greatest band I was ever in : White Witch.  It was a musical highlight, the standout.  Five amazing women musicians playing full on rock with full on mega sound and mega lights...hell, we even had fire!!!  Drummer Audrey and bass player Patti played in an all girl band at age 16 and 17 called She Five in Vietnam.  It was 1969 and the soldiers helped them through gunfire (patti's story about refusing to get into tank until almost too late), landmines (hanging impossible to buy stockings on barbed wire and running to get ones that flew into landmines), and drunk manager.  The story is screenplay worthy.  Years later Patti and Aud wanted to recreate an all-girl band.  And did they!!  Exceptional musicians, exceptional people that are now family.  We have been reunioning at least once a year for 16 years in Wisconsin. The witches will always be the best thing that happened to me musically.  White witches are good witches, ya know?! 

Angela Marie  

It doesn't matter if there is one person in the audience ( i've been there) or 10,000 (i have been there) truly is always magical to play for people.  It takes a lot of effort for people to take time out of life's already too full schedule to come hear the music.  I appreciate the audience BEYOND measure.  The greatest possible scenario is that the audience forgets their troubles for at least the short time of the performance.... that the music helps lift their spirits and provide a little break away from the daily grind....that the music somehow transforms heavy into light for at least awhile.  This makes me most happy. are GREATLY appreciated.

  The trees!!!! Major contributors to my music as well as the water, the mineral, the plants, the animals and the people.  This lovely tree is in Nicaragua.  Missed having my guitar in this beautiful land.
  Playing in Bangkok!!! What a fantastic night.  Balloon was the name of the Thai band that so graciously hosted me and my songs.  I would give anything to have a recording of what Balloon did with my music.  Five Thai-speaking musicians with this English-speaking chick....No language barrier at all with music.  That is one of the greatest gifts of music...
It is the universal language. 
I love playing with other musicians internationally for this reason.  Played in clubs with non-english speaking musicians in China, Indonesia, Mexico and Africa.  Am investing in travel guitar so I don't miss any more opportunities. 
Angela and Austin  

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