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Haiti   Haiti. 
Beyond words. Beyond song.
I have been in many developing countries and have seen a lot of hardship.  I have never seen anything at all like Haiti.
There is a quote from Sean Penn that sums it up so well, "When the world ends, there will be three survivors: termites, cockroaches and Haitians."
This was one of many, many patients we treated in Haiti.  I provided acupuncture disaster relief work with a group called Acupuncturists Without Borders.
This would become the catalyst to the song I wrote called 35 Seconds.

Part of proceeds of 35 Seconds goes to Haiti disaster relief. Thank you.
Haiti   We used an internationally known and well researched acupuncture treatment called NADA.  There are five specific points used in the ear for treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  People were soooooooo appreciative and reported better sleep, less pain, less anxiety and overall sense of better well being.
This photo takes place in The General Hospital in Port-au-Prince where only recently were patients moved out of tents into a sort of building.  I don't know an American that would last two minutes in this hospital.   No bathrooms, beds practically on top of one another, families providing food and bedpans openly, every bodily fluid about --the need so great. Dedicated staff of doctors and nurses, some  living at hospital since the earthquake.
I wish i could have put healing music through the IV's
Haiti   "Rubble, rubble everywhere. Bodies underneath. Still the spirits soar. We've got to do more.".... as i sing in 35 Seconds.
Seriously, rubble everywhere.  I landed in Haiti on the 6 month anniversary of the earthquake but i would have sworn the quake took place a week before with only 2% of rubble removed.  In the epicenter city 80% of buildings are those buidlings were lives of teachers, families, government workers, health care workers....the list is endless and impossible to comprehend.
Haiti   "Tents are everywhere. Blue tarp if you're lucky. Keeping out the rain. Doesn't do a damn thing for the pain"..... from 35 Seconds.

Tents are everywhere.  Tent cities falling apart six months after disaster. 
This tent city is ON the boulevard.  Two lanes of traffic speed by over earthquake cracks in the road on each side of this city. This is where people LIVE!!!

Miami Beach.....two hours away by plane....lifetimes away by lifestyle. 
As i sing in 35 Seconds, 'Where did the money go?"  We have to figure this out. 
Haiti   Typical street scene in Haiti where earthquake took 35 Seconds to change life forever.
The stories Haitian people told me I can't bare to share here. It is amazing what the human heart can walk around with in its cavity. 
There are more signs of life now than months ago .... the strongest testament to life emerging from wounded souls is the music heard again on the streets in Haiti.  Music is one of the strongest parts of Haiti culture.  
I do believe music is one of our most essential tools in coping and healing with all of life's experiences. 
Look at children....before the inhibitions set in...when there is a beat-- children move, dance, and smile. 
It's in our souls. It's in our heartbeat.
Soak up life and love up one another. It only takes 35 Seconds or less to change life as we know it forever. Sing out.  Dance.  Listen and be soothed.